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While the therapy/coaching relationship is collaborative, support in the relationship is  one-way ---FOR THE CLIENT'S BENEFIT.  So professional ethics for mental health practice prohibit solicitation of reviews, endorsements, testimonials, and recommendations from clients. The statements included here are not intended or offered as reviews, endorsements, testimonials, or recommendations.

Nevertheless, throughout her professional career, Dr. Patt  has consistently been honored to receive a multitude of unsolicited  personal updates, greeting cards, annual family letters, birth announcements / newborn photos with other family pictures, and notes from former clients. Clients consistently provide messages of appreciation. 

Dr. Patt learns from her clients’ feedback. Through the years, she has preserved the feedback.  What you read below represents  the unsolicited feedback given to Dr. Patt.  (Names are altered for privacy.) 

**Please note: You determine for yourself  if you have a “fit” with Dr. Patt and decide whether to consider her services. This  representative sampling of unsolicited comments below describe the impact and results of Dr. Patt’s skilled professional services as reported by specific individual clients and couples with whom she has worked. Past results are no guarantee of future results.


“Your skills are just amazing…I got more out of our 8 or 10 sessions than with anybody (of the numerous therapists) I went to for (many sessions over) a long time .” -Jean O.

“Thank you for our (first) session today. You even made me laugh.” -Sue K.

"I always learn something new every time I come here (to a session with Patt)."-Ken H.

“Thanks for challenging my mind and for having the skills 

to listen, understand, and empathize." -Lindy L.

“…I’ve learned more from you in three sessions

 than I have in years of therapy with others.” -Marty K.

 “We often comment at work “We need a Dr. Patt right now.’ “-Sandy B

(from one of two clients who are co-workers---one referred the other to Dr. Patt.)

"I left feeling energized." -Randy P.

“My husband told his friend, ‘We have this awesome counselor. What I really like

 about her is she gets right to the point. You oughta go see her.’” -Gina and Larry

"(Patt) helped me understand in minutes, what I've been trying understand for years." -John M.

"Wow, I never thought about it that way before." -Lisa G.

"These are few of the things you said to me, that help me live my  life the way it should be lived. I keep them pasted on my desk so that I can look at these words of wisdom when I need a helping hand…"  -Suzie J.


"My husband looks for a ‘Pickett’ to help him wherever he goes." Merri  O.

“My husband told his friend, ‘We have this awesome counselor. What I really like

 about her is she gets right to the point. You oughta go see her.’” -Gina and Larry

"Thank you for helping me get my life back. I am truly grateful.

I will remember you forever. With sincere gratitude. " -Alice N.

"... (My husband) said, ‘I like her, she really got to the meat and potatoes’

I asked, ‘how did that feel when Patt gave you the ball? His answer was,

 ‘I felt like she gave me the ball—literally—now I have to show you my shot!’

I sent you a dear friend of mine… I am so thankful for you being out there.” - Alina T.

“I so appreciate your quick response to my call a couple of weeks ago…

I often find myself referring to the “truths” I discovered working with you, 

and hope you know you’ve made my journey easier.” -Rhonda  

"… I often find myself still referring to the ‘truths’ I discovered working with you, 

and hope you know you've made my (life) journey easier." - Louise W.

"Has it been a year since I've talk to you? Or more? I'm doing well,

but I miss talking you. Thanks for all you've done for me!" -Jayne C.

"Thanks for challenging my mind and for  having the skills to listen, understand, and empathize

. It’s nice to discuss something without someone giving their opinion. I find there

 is a difference in sharing an opinion and sharing thoughts on issues. -Linda

 “I felt challenged by some of the things you said; a question or alternative statement of 

another viewpoint that you'd throw out. It was ironic to me because

 I felt a challenge to think but didn't feel emotionally challenged…” -Chris L. 


"I'm not sure you will remember (my wife) and I,

but thank you for your help. I have not mastered the art of juggling

quite yet, but I have realized which of the balls are dearest to me.

I'm juggling those glass balls of life a lot better.

I don't drop those anymore. Thank you again." -Tony  S.

“ Doc P. Thank! …still growing together and going strong.” -Cathy and Mark

“Thank you for saving our marriage.”- Ted and Linda D.

"(My wife) and I wanted to drop a note to let you know how were doing… We're doing great, but concerned that we didn't do it all sooner!  We continue to wonder how we lived separate lives for so long…Main thing is that we are having fun, getting along better than ever  and wanted you to know… Cordially," -Steve T. 

"Patt, just a special ‘thanks’ for all the wonderful help and advice you have given to me and for us. So much in my life has changed over the past few months for the better. I want to thank you and tell you how much our talks have meant.  I don't know where I would be today without your (help). Thank you and bless you." -Deanne J.

"... I sent you a dear friend of mine… I am so thankful for you being out there.” – Debbie L.


“I have read many articles on this topic,  which concerns me personally, and I identify with everything you say. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.” -Terrie M.

"I thank God I have seen your blog today. thank you so much. It was indeed helpful… I am now moving on…" -Anonymous Reader

I finished your marvelous book a few days ago. (The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight)  I'm a better person for having read it, and for (already) applying some of your suggestions.  The clever, flexible formats of both the book and card deck (The Marriage Whisperer Challenge)  deliver clear insights…You've addressed all sorts of behaviors and habits that prevent us from opening up to enjoy our most meaningful relationships.  Thank you -- for helping us all to center our selves so we can become better engaged with those whom we cherish the most.  Here's to living and loving more fully!- Kathy L.

"thanks for your blog… It was an eye-opener" -Anonymous Reader


“For Patt my therapist who made me (a teenager) realize that ‘colors’ are essential for happiness. Thank you. )-Renee´ (Sent along a poem to Dr. Patt  that she had written about feelings.)

 “Thanks for helping me (a teenager) the last few months. Love, -Amy


 “Things are going well (with my wife and I”. I give you full credit.

 I learned (better communication) from you.”-Mike

"You are truly very talented and skilled." -Kim K.

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