The Marriage Whisperer

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The multi-award winning book, The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight.  is an easy-to-read, no jargon resource loaded with practical self-help tips and humor.  Written in conversational style by Dr. Patt Pickett, this  book is based on her professional academic training and 30 + years of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. However, Dr. Patt found her inspiration to write from over 10, 000 conversations  with couples determined to create happiness and their best relationships.

The Marriage Whisperer includes focus on emotional intelligence. Dr. Patt explains how to use emotional awareness and expressiveness in relationships to keep your intimate connection going strong. This dynamite information is delivered in 70 compositely true stories about cleverly named couples including, “Cleo & Patrick”, “Bertrand & Ernestine”, “Bo & Derrick”, and “Sandy & Quentin”.  This book is designed for reluctant readers and those with limited time. A detailed Table of Contents and index assists readers  in choosing stories from five topics: Talking and Hearing, Habits and Chores, Arguments, Disagreements, & Differences, Analytical Versus Emotional Functioning, and Sex and Intimacy.  Start anywhere. Find stories of interest. Choose one, many or read cover-to-cover. All get right to the point.

Story samples include:

#19 Dirty Drawers in the John: Elmer and Sue struggle with chores

#29 An Apology is Not Just an Apology: Jewell and Price argue about apologies

#38 Having the Last word: Nancy and Drew haggle over having the last word

#68 Preventing Emotional Cheating: Dolly and Harden disagree on emotional cheating

Dr. Patt offers an efficient approach to learning relationship tips with information-at-a-glance contained in numerous lists, charts, tables, and sidebar quotes throughout the book. 

The Marriage Whisperer Challenge BUY LINK is a separate resource. Designed to get your relationship conversation started, this playful card collection is a standard deck of playing cards with a relationship tip from the book on each card face. Instructions for use and encouragement for how-to create your own game are included. Useful for couples, groups, or individuals.

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