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Dr. Patt Pickett is a thought leader and guide for embracing relationships, life satisfaction, inspiration, challenges, and goals. She  co- founded St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center LLC  (STLEIC) as a part of HireCoach®.  Dr. Patt is passionately committed to her mission of helping you reach your happy and best self.  She believes ALL motivated people CAN change to do just that.

We grow to our best and happy self with connections to others by using our “whole” brain: our  intellectual “smarts” (IQ)  and our emotional “smarts” (EQ). AND, while your IQ cannot be increased, your EQ  and connections to others can become stronger. We offer you our help and free self-help to do just that.

Extensive research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than IQ in contributing to health, happiness, and success. And most would agree that our personal and business lives are intertwined---whether we want them to be or not.  Success and challenges in either life sector impact both. Higher levels of EQ can facilitate quicker recovery from mental health distress and will facilitate personal growth and career success.

The strength of your EQ is an essential part of your mental health, success, and happiness.

Through STLEQ, we provide guiding support for you to achieve your highest EQ with our Enrichment, Education, Prevention, and Intervention services along with  FREE self-help podcast and worksheet downloads. We incorporate EQ into our services and self-help tools. We offer:

  1. Live Video Chats: Therapy and Coaching  and Consulting (limited in-person services on request)                           

Who Can Attend

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • Child/ Parent(s)
  • Family/Step-family
  •  Work Teams 
  • Diverse Groups

Distance Consulting for Families (and Other Groups)

Don’t let geographic distance prevent working to strengthen your family bonds or other working relationships.

Even if geographically or socially distanced, when  intergenerational family members (grandparents, parents, children), adult relatives (siblings/cousins/stepfamilies, et al) become disconnected over differences or conflicts, help is available to reconnect. Family group coaching or consulting is available from Dr. Patt in an online group video chat platform. Counseling is also available to family groups residing in the state where your therapist  is licensed. (Dr. Patt is licensed in Missouri.)

  1. Education/Training: Online formats for webinars/podcasts. We are working on conversion of workshops to webinars and self-help tools  free worksheet downloads and free podcasts.
  2. Emotional Intelligence Evaluation and Improvement: Online SEIP emotional intelligence assessment which is empirically reliable and validated.
  3. Easy Self-Help Resources: books, cards, and a free Newsletter/Blog WiseAce360 .

At STLEQ, we will provide you with counseling/therapy using professional cognitive and systemic Therapy methods and EQ to successfully help you move through an intense emotional downturn or agitation to  increase your life satisfaction and achieve goals. We will Coach you with EQ principles and more to  increase your emotional functioning to a higher level of  Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ/SEQ). Both services are offered to you as an individual, a couple, a family, as parent(s) or as a member of a work/social organization team.

As needed, we will consult with you to advise and inform you whether Therapy, Coaching or Both are right for you. Then you decide.

We offer valuable self-help resources developed by Dr. Patt and other  professionals. These resources include easy-to-read books, self- help card decks, webinars, podcasts, free self-help tips at WiseAce360, and fund-raising program for non-profits. 

Our diverse list of choices continues to grow.

VIP: If this is an EMERGENCY situation OR you are in danger of  HARM 

from self or others OR if you feel SUICIDAL

CALL 911 or the emergency # in your area. 

 We are NOT AN EMERGENCY service and not equipped 


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