What is EQ?

Commonly called “EQ” or “EI”, our Emotional Intelligence (in the simplest meaning)  is how well you and I manage and identify our emotions.  However, EQ alone falls short on enriching our lives without a correspondingly high level of Social Intelligence---whether our EQ “plays well” with others’ EQ .

Our appropriate social response to others is necessary for our happiness and success. Thus, any comprehensive description and effective application of  Emotional Intelligence includes Social Intelligence as a partner.

Taken together, Social and Emotional Intelligence are referred to as SEI, SEQ, or S+EI.

Emotional Intelligence refers to the level at which we are in touch with our feelings and those of others and if we use that knowledge through balancing our emotions to make good choices. EQ is increased by applying a set of healthy emotional management skills--- and not absolute control.

 Emotional Opposites with Low EQ

A person with high emotional intelligence (EQ) cuts through and reduces emotional drama-- the palpably hot and the underlying cold "drama" that is both distracting and destructive in our lives at home and on the job. Extreme and opposite examples of the “drama people” are the bosses (spouses/friends/others---yourself) who always seem on the edge of blowing up (hot drama) and  those bosses (spouses / friends / others---yourself) who never seem to care about others or anything (cold drama). Cold drama tends to stoke the glowing embers of hot drama and vice-versa.  

Our EQ , high or low, has an everyday, every moment influence on the choices we make. EQ is tied to our "emotional management" which refers to our level of emotional awareness and the responsive actions we take. That is, whether/how we apply or fail to apply our feelings appropriately  to reach healthy and successful decisions in our business and personal lives.  We choose to ACT on our feelings or MANAGE them in acceptable ways. Stuffing, ignoring, denying, or minimizing our emotions is NOT emotional management.

Our emotional management (or lack of) has important social consequences in our personal and business relationships.  When we are in touch with our feelings and respond appropriately (without going over-the-top with an emotional sleeve or a stone-cold frozen aura), we are in tune respectfully with the emotional state of others around us. We are our best selves and demonstrate a higher level of emotional intelligence.  

This emotional processing (of drama) is a factor in all personal and business interactions---it is only a matter of whether we recognize, respect its presence, and respond in an emotionally intelligent manner

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