Opportunity for Qualified Non-Profit Groups

Is your church group, PTA, or other non-profit organization seeking a high quality and novel idea of value to your members AND to raise money?

Message from Dr. Patt…

At STLEQ-HireCoach, we are committed to teaming up with non-profit organizations. We provide your members with the highest quality mental health/wellness educational services. All  workshops, classes and talks are presented by the well-experienced and highly qualified, state-licensed professional, Dr. Patt.

I like to teach. I support the power of INFORMATION AND EDUCATION to change lives. I passionately believe that people value receiving information and education benefit more when they have skin-in-the-game---that is, they pay for it.

This is why I no longer present for free---even to non-profit groups. Instead, I work with non-profits to deliver education with a fund-raising agreement which includes a nominal honorarium. There are 2 types of format presentations that I offer for fund-raising:

  1. 30-minute presentation for large groups (minimum 50 attendees) with a 15- minute Q&A following the talk.
  2. 90-minute interactive workshop (minimum 10 minimum couples/max 20 couples) with written assessments and small group breakouts. 

We work with you to set the fee for the tickets. You provide the venue, do marketing, cover copying costs, handle tickets, registration, and check-in on the day of the event. Your organization keeps ALL of the ticket money for your fund-raising goal. Dr. Patt receives a flat honorarium in advance.

I have been in private professional practice for over 30 years in the St. Louis Metro area as a state licensed mental wellness expert and author.  I guide my clients to enriched personal development and specialize in relationships and emotional intelligence (EQ).  I am the traditionally published author of the multi-award winning book, The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight and the well- recommended Awesome Couple Communication.

Please contact me to determine your group’s needs and how we can team up to develop a successful fund-raising event focused on mental health and wellness education topics such as relationships, family, and emotional intelligence. Please note that I offer a limited number of fund-raising events per year. I encourage you to contact me in the earliest stages of your planning

Contact Dr. Patt(link) to discuss your needs and work out an agreement for providing this outstanding mental health/wellness educational value to your members and opportunity to raise funds for your special project.

Local: 636-671-9933  Toll free: 877-447-3262 or  [email protected] LINK

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