Cancelled Pre-Paid Coaching Packages**

“Per session fee” for larger prepaid coaching package is discounted, i.e. more sessions for lower cost for each. 

You may cancel your package at any time for any reason. Your refund is calculated on a pro-rated basis, that is, when you do not use all of your prepaid sessions, the amount you owe “per session” is determined by the “per session fee” of the lower priced package relevant for the sessions you used--  multiplied by the number of sessions completed. You “lose” the discount applied to the larger package single session price when you do not complete the package. 

As a possible option to cancellation, you may  transfer your unused package session(s) to another person who qualifies as an appropriate “coaching” client by STLEQ. 

Cancelled Pre-Paid Therapy Bundles**

“Per session fee” for the prepaid therapy bundles is discounted, i.e. more sessions for lower cost for each. The refund for each unused session is pro-rated based on the per session fee of the relevant lower bundle.

Cancelled Contracts for On-Site Training and Classes 

Contract will contain specific cancellation policies. Additional fees reflecting travel expenses, cost of materials, and custom preparation may be included per contract terms.

SEIP Assessment

SEIP assessments included in any package, such as the Go Gold, and after the personal code provided, $175 will be charged for the assessment and added to the total for the sessions completed. The SEIP may not be transferred to another person.

Refunds for the SEIP, paid for separately, will be refunded at the full price paid but only when the personal code to take the assessment has not been provided. 

Product Return

Is determined on an individual basis.

**A complete table of the refund calculations for packages/bundles  is available on request.

Payment is due before the scheduled session. STLEQ Therapy Payment and Refund Policy

  1. The basic rate due and payable at each session is $195.00 for ONE (1) 45-MINUTE SESSION commitment--- OR--
  2. Clients have the option to commit to a multiple session program with the BUNDLED RATE AGREEMENT:

Before or at the end of a session, client(s) can commit to FOUR (4) 45-minute sessions total and pre-pay a total sum of $780--- Their FIFTH SESSION IS BILLED separately at  $95.00 for a savings of $100.  This option for savings is offered to encourage clients to make a commitment to therapy.

  1. The bundle agreement may be cancelled at any time for any reason subject to any fees due under the late cancelled/late rescheduled/missed appointment policy.
  2. Refunds for coaching  packages are  calculated at the fee/hour of the package having the next smallest number of hours included. Request written prorated refund schedule as needed. 

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