I feel truly blessed with my ability to quickly create and process soundbite tips relevant to the moment. Through my  mindfulness during my career as a mental health expert and my eventful personal life--- and as a “new” septuagenarian, I have become a thought leader in the field of life satisfaction and relationships.  I have recorded tips on hundreds of occasions since the 90s and continue to add thought-provoking  messages of  inspiration, hope, and for guidance for change.

My earliest specific recollection of a classic inspirational tip dates back 30 years. A couple married for 20 years came to me for counseling. She confessed she was “emotionally cheating” on her husband.  As their story unfolded, he admitted he had tired of  complimenting her and doing nice things for her. Then he commented, “You know, that stuff gets old after a while.”  Instinctively, and without further thought I responded, “If you want to grow older together, don’t let things grow old.”  I have repeated that wisdom on hundreds of occasions since then.

Last week, I added a few new quotes including this one.  I wrote it following a conversation with someone who lacked patience and admired mine. I said, “Patience is a choice----not an accident waiting to happen.” 

Coming soon is my newsletter, WiseAce360 which will be my voice to share my inspirational  wealth of original “life tips” (400+) and inspirations which blend zippy snark and uncanny wisdom  to fire up your day and goals.  I come by that avatar honestly. My husband to lovingly called a “wise ass” to which I respond, “That’s why you married me” and we  play cards frequently. Clients, friends, and family have appreciated my wisdom.  I pride myself on being open-minded and seeking a full view of every matter. 

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