Awesome Couple Communication

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Awesome Couple Communication is an easy-read, no jargon book which , provides a practical "tool bucket" for couples. The tools include couples’ stories, a simple picture communication graph, specific tips, and an inspirational list and teaches how-to practice  Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  skills to strengthen your relationship or marriage communication. The book was written with humor by “The Marriage Whisperer®”, Dr. Patt Pickett, a licensed marriage therapist in professional practice for decades. 

Awesome Couple Communication: Expressing What You Mean and Understanding What the Other Meant was written by Dr. Patt Hollinger Pickett and traditionally published by MSI Press in California. Written as a spin-off of her book, The Marriage Whisperer, the author Dr. Patt has added new resources,  information and a descriptive pyramid-shaped tool, Pickett's Pyramid of  Possibilities® (PPoP) that uses Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEQ)  as a guide to managing differences and conflicts in relationships.

Although this book focuses on married couples, the SEQ principles are universal and can be readily applied to family and business relationships. Readers have frequently made comments like: I know you wrote that story about a couple, but it sounds like my boss and me; OR  your story about always being right describes the tug of war my 38 yr.-old son and I have.

The US Review considers Awesome Couple Communication: Expressing What You Mean and Understanding What the Other Meant to be "valuable for couples" as well as therapists.   

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