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Payment is due before the scheduled session. STLEQ Therapy Payment and Refund Policy

  1. The basic rate due and payable at each session is $195.00 for ONE (1) 45-MINUTE SESSION commitment--- OR--
  2. Clients have the option to commit to a multiple session program with the 

Bythe end of a session, client(s) can commit to FOUR (4) 45-minute sessions total and pre-pay a total sum of $600--- Their FORTH SESSION IS BILLED at  $95.00 for a savings of $100.  This option for savings is offered to encourage clients to make a commitment to therapy.

  1. The bundle agreement may be cancelled at any time for any reason subject to any fees due under the late cancelled/late rescheduled/missed appointment policy.
  2. Refunds for coaching  packages are  calculated at the fee/hour of the package having the next smallest number of hours included. Request written prorated refund schedule as needed. 

Coaching/Consulting Retainers 

Here is how coaching/consulting works with Dr. Patt.

•  Review the six coaching packages  below to discover which package fits your needs best.  Select one OR  e-mail/call 877-447-3262 with questions.
•  After your advance retainer is received, we will send you a Welcome Packet. This requests basic personal info  and forms on which  you provide an overview of your beginning question/goal.  
•  Be complete with your information because Dr. Patt will review the Welcome Packet in advance in preparation to meet you.  
•  After you complete it and send it in, you are ready to schedule your first session. 
•  You will receive a link to Dr. Patt’s video chat room confirming your appointment day and time.
•  Please review the reschedule, cancellation, and refunds policy. Be sure to follow those guidelines if you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment time reserved for you.
•  All  packages are paid in advance. Refunds for unused minutes are provided in accord with the reschedule/cancellation policy  for any  package which is cancelled in writing for any reason. 
•  Because the hourly rate decreases with the larger packages,  the value refunded for all unused package minutes is figured at the base hourly rate for the next lower package multiplied by the time completed. That number is subtracted from the amount you paid as your retainer. That remaining balance is your refund.

For example,  cancelling the #2 package is refunded at the package #1 hourly rate, #3 at the # 2, #4 at the #3, and so forth. Specific hourly rates are included in the reschedule/cancellation policy

NOTE: Retainers/packages are  subject to change without notice.

#1 Relationship Focus Special/ Couple/Wedding Gift

$160 Advance Retainer-1/30 minute OR 2/15 minute Video Chat Session(s)
For You & Your Partner: Take your marriage or relationship up another notch this year.       Dr. Patt, your expert Relationship Coach, can help you and your partner strengthen and refuel that "IN-LOVE"  fire you share--- or maybe that has dimmed. Rediscover the intimacy and the joy of your relationship and not get stressed out by the challenges of routines and ruts in daily living.

As a Wedding/Commitment Gift:  This package is  the unique gift to provide---- for special newlyweds or couples. One example is young adult children/relatives. Gift them  the head start they need for a great marriage or relationship! Their coach will inspire them to create a marvelous relationship vision and how to remain on course through time. Give the gift of growing a vision.
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#2 Jump Starter: Get Smart, Not Lucky

$315 Advance Retainer: 2/30 Minute Video Chat Sessions

A Push to Take First Steps:   Invite a coaching push to zero-in on the first steps to take on that great idea you have or that long-awaited relationship enrichment plan . Do not wait to "luck" into something or someone to make it happen for you. 

For relationship enrichment, are you waiting until the kids leave home?  Now that’s not a great plan….Will you have a marriage left by then? Do not wait to give your kids the invaluable example of dedicating yourselves to what is important to you---like marriage and family.

Feeling unlucky, unsuccessful, or all done being disappointed? Well, think of coaching as getting smarter this time. Hire a coach to prepare you to put your dream idea into action!
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#3 Touch Base: Emotional Intelligence for Your Personal Life or Career 

$575 Advance Retainer: 4/30 Minute Video Chat Sessions

 Been thinking about getting the expert support you need to begin boosting your Social and Emotional Intelligence to build relationship, personal and/or career success?  Give yourself (or someone else) the tool they need for more greater life satisfaction and/or more effective job performance.

For You and Your Partner: This package is a “deal”. While one partner can gain benefit from coaching alone, the second partner can attend at no additional charge. A couple is considered to be any two adults who are dating, joined together in a relationship, newlyweds, engaged, married,  and “vintage” married people. Learn how-to apply “emotional intelligence” to your relationship (or increase it). Reduce the stress and in-a-rut slump. Restore the connection, compatibility, friendship, intimacy, or other feeling that have dimmed or vanished

Career and Other Goal-Setting:  Get coached to conquer  worry, confusion ion, insecurity And Other negative emotions which hold you back from tackling your career or other long-term goal. Do you have a specific goal or need help identifying the steps? Or maybe you need fresh ideas to get going and then you can move forward on your own. You can leave your first session with actions to take to make progress. These coaching sessions can inspire just the right motivation to excel and finish. 
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#4 Bronze Finisher: You Have to Start Somewhere to Get Anywhere!

$575  Advance Retainer 4/15 Minute Sessions & 2/30 Minute Video Chat Sessions

Whether you are typically a highly motivated, self-starter, but now are struggling or you have a goal or plan to pursue that is long overdue, this combination of sessions marks an end to your procrastination. Your coach will guide you to identify your obstacles and get started on your action plan.

Or is there something you started, but just can't seem to complete? Or maybe you need to imagine fresh ideas to get you moving and then go forward on your own. You may leave your first session with things you can do to make progress. This program can provide the right motivation and push for you to cross the finish line.
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#5 Silver Success: Enrichment and Advancement

 $1080.  Advance Retainer- 8/30 Minute Video Chat Sessions
OPTION-SEIP online EQ Assessment $275

You are motivated toward interpersonal success and enrichment, either at work or in your personal life but do not make enough time to work toward changes. Commit to a coaching plan and work with your coach. 
Whether alone or along with your partner or work team, design and achieve your best self and success.

Target goals  such as you are seeking a quality lifetime relationship or wish to keep and nurture one;  seek career advancement. Whether you want to discover how acting consciously based on your true self, personal values, and life goals can guide you to full personal potential, coaching can lead you where you want to go. Your coach will help by starting with a planned improvement in your emotional expressiveness and management---also known as your social and emotional intelligence.
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#6 Go Gold: Online Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching**   

 $1700 Advance Retainer-- 12/30 Minute Video Chat Sessions—

Includes Online Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile/SEIP Assessment (LINK) ($275 value) with downloadable  comprehensive results/graph and a self-help guide 

Are you motivated  to increase your social and emotional intelligence (EQ/SEQ) as a tool to build personal relationship improvement and enrichment or professional development to enhance career success? Do you have untapped strengths or skills? Long-term goals? Want  to increase emotional connection with your partner --- or your value as a supportive team member?

Check out  Go Gold and consider what it  offers you. Discover how acting with emotional intelligence and being mindfully based on your core self, values, belief, and goals can guide you to your full potential.
After taking the online EQ assessment, the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)link to SEIP) (included),  you will co-evaluate your EQ profile from the SEIP with your Coach. 

You will receive coaching guidance, support, and the right-sized push (you decide) and accountability to keep you on your path and moving to understand where you are with your strengths and weaknesses in EQ. You will celebrate your areas of success and discuss how these traits contribute to your over well-being and relationships/interactions with others---personal and business. 

Based on your SEIP score OR your preference, you will prioritize and select which of your lesser-developed EQ traits/SEIP competencies you would like to improve. Then, begin the path to necessary changes. This package option may be able to address in depth as many as  6 SEIP competencies depending on the depth of coaching on each.

Relationship Bonus: Spouses or Partners in a committed personal relationship can work together in this package as a couple for the base price plus $275 for the second online SEIP Assessment.

Business Group Discounts: One or multiple packages can be purchased by businesses/organizations —each single package fee covers services for one individual. Contact  Dr. Patt at STLEQ for price, discounts, and details on business purchase of 6 or more GO Gold packages for business.  For team/ group coaching, any number of the 12 sessions included may be arranged as either for group or individual coaching. 

NOTE: Group  coaching reduces confidentiality with regard to the individuals in the group. 
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