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NO Confidentiality: There is no confidentiality provided for participation in any webinar. All participation is at attendees’ sole risk of recognition by other participants. However, all attendees are requested to keep any  information shared confidential.

Date Night Webinar Series
For Lasting Love
 (and Free Podcasts)

• RU EQ Enuf 4 UR Marriage? 
Topic: Emotional management and intelligence in intimate relationships-Webinar.  

Workshop Length: Three (3 hours)
Group Size: Up to 20 Couples (Live)
Who Should Participate: Couples interested in enriching emotional intimacy through emotional expressiveness and management in their relationship.
Materials: Yes
Description/ Format: Formal presentation, professional group marital coaching, and interactive group
Cost: TBD

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• Improve Your Relationship Overnight with The Marriage Whisperer Challenge Card Game 
Topic: 52 Marriage, Couples, and Relationship enrichment tips and tools-Webinar

Workshop Length: 90 minutes
Group Size: Up to 20 Couples (Live)
Who Should Participate
: Couples interested in learning new relationship tools in a playful format.
Materials:  For each Couple—-ONE complimentary deck of playing cards, The Marriage Whisperer Challenge Action-oriented worksheets downloads 
Description/ Format:  Formal presentation and professional relationship coaching on the realistic concept of overnight improvement followed by small and large group interaction exploring approximately 40 of the 52 marriage tips on the resource cards.
Cost: TBD

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• The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight 
Topic: Couples’ Workshop with self-help book discussion, couple’s work, and with Q&A group relationship coaching. Tips and practical strategies for long-term couple enrichment and change- Webinar

Workshop Length:  Three (3) hours /per each of 5 topic sections-registration is separate
Group Size: Up to 20 couples (Live)
Who Should Participate: Couples who want to work together to identify challenges and ways to strengthen their marriage to create lasting change
Materials/Handouts:  Worksheets from an upcoming workbook. The Marriage Whisperer book is a required material. Available online for individual purchase or through MSI
Description/ Format: Formal presentation, Interactive with guided book discussion, couple work, and professional  relationship group coaching. Based each of 5 topic chapters at 3- hour sessions per chapter of Dr. Patt’s book, The Marriage Whisperer.  

Cost: TBD: Each book chapter workshop is purchased separately. Contact Dr. Patt (LINK)

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• The Couple’s Love Decathlon 
Topic:  Take action now on a commitment for couple enrichment and change. A marriage and relationship challenge--Webinar

Workshop Length:  Three (3) hours— Two sessions of 90 minutes each—with sessions about 48 hours apart to allow couples to privately complete the Decathlon events; Ideally — Session #1 on a Friday night 6:30-8:00 pm and about 48 hours later,  Session #2 on that next Sunday, 3-4:30 pm
Group Size: Up to 20 Couples (Live)
Who Should Participate:  Couples who are willing to make a commitment and privately participate as a couple in a set of “decathlon marriage events” to renew their marriage with a fun set of recommended and voluntary couple events (activities).
Materials: Instructions for completing the Couple’s Love Decathlon with descriptions of the events; worksheets for recording successes; Certificates of Excellence in Marital Fun and Improvement awarded to participants.
Description/ Format: 2-session/90-minute each, Couples’ Workshop and Professional  in group relationship Coaching plus “homework”/couple’s exercises recommended for off-site between sessions.

• Session#1—Formal presentation on the need for creating newness and demonstrating the importance of your partner to him/her. Opening ceremonies and the launch of the Couples’ Love Decathlon. Professional Relationship Coaching as time permits. Discussion and directions on the decathlon voluntary “rules” and recommendations .
• Session #2—Return of couples for a voluntary report and discussion of their experiences with the Decathlon events. Formal processing of general successes and the challenges of making decathlon events an ongoing routine in their marriages. Professional Relationship Coaching as time permits. Award of the “Marriage Decathlon” certificates to all couples.
Estimated “off-webinar” time to complete decathlon events: 3-5 hours minimum of couple time alone

Cost: TBD

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If there is a special subject you would like and do not see, please  contact us, and let us know LINK

Dealing with Differences: Settling Conflict

Is an interactive workshop focusing on differences, conflicts, and arguments and how to build a better relationship. The workshop is designed is designed for individuals, couples, and workplace groups who seek tools to effectively deal with conflict and differences at home and in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence will be reviewed as one tool.

Dates/Cost: TBD

Emotional Intelligence for Couples

Lessons in applying Emotional Intelligence qualities to build loving and lasting relationships.

Dates/Cost: TBD

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